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exhibition Management 

Exdais is a full-serviced exhibition management company that is rich in knowledge, experience, and resource required to make an exhibition successful. We boast in our ability to develop, plan, and operate exhibitions while offering a seamless experience for sponsors, exhibitors, attendees, and visitors.


The team’s experience in Exhibition management planning involves exhibition floor planning, exhibitor promotion, artist collaboration and liaison, sponsorship planning, and exhibition strategy development.


Other areas requiring attention include logistics, operations management, and on-site exhibition installation. 

Concept development & Promotion

It starts with listening to our client and doing some smart thinking together!



The event management of an exhibition is a complex process and this is where our extensive experience comes in.



We believe it is important to have the final real-life setting live up to the expectations and brand experience carried out from the very beginning. 

skilfully handle the logistics from the floor plan design down to the very last detail

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Concept development and Promotion

The sky is the limit when it comes to solutions that support the realization of an exhibition or enhance the experience of its visitors. Online promotion, AV presentation, connecting digitally with people, live brand activation etc. You name it, anything is possible. It is vital to be up to date about the latest trends and innovations in this field. 

It is equally important to know what will work within the budget at hand, so that the exhibitions’ goals can be met in the most cost-effective way. 

Our challenge is to create the right brand experience and the best commercial environment fitting the budget. 

Creativity is key during this phase. The right visitor audience needs to  be reached, feel engaged and be inspired to connect with others around and during the event. 

We make sure that the right communication message comes across- using the correct media channels to mobilize your target audience to engage in the exhibition. 

Concept developement



exhibition management and service

The event management of an exhibition is a complex process where many parties and stakeholders are involved. This is where our extensive experience comes in. 

Taking into consideration the logistical situation at the chosen venue, we draw up the planning and set dates, deadlines, rules and regulations. Our dedicated project managers keep the project under strict control, coordinating all processes. We make sure the operation runs smoothly. 

You will feel reassured, experiencing that the event management is in capable hands, irrespective of where in the world the exhibition takes place. 

You also want your exhibitors to be serviced and supported well, so they can focus primarily on their own main goal for the event: meeting new potential business partners.  

During the exhibition, we are always present on site to happily answer any questions or provide any services needed. Always going the extra mile! 

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build up and logistics

We strive for a great position in the hall for all exhibitors, and for visitors to have a good overview of the exhibition. In cooperation with our client and the venue, with consideration for the exhibition concept, we develop the best set-up for a venue floorplan .


We generate a logical floorplan where visitors will be able to easily access the exhibition floor, network areas, break-out rooms and/or main stage sessions. 

We take care of assembling (and later dismantling) all the physical elements of the exhibition. Being in control is key in this phase. Based on a well-planned schedule we direct all suppliers and construction companies in creating the physical environment. 

We take care of all event logistics. Overseeing the move in and move out for all the elements needed at your event. Well before the start of the exhibition, the individual sponsors and exhibitors are contacted to discuss their logistical requirements and planning. With all our experience, we can truly state we master the discipline of event logistics. 

We believe it is important to have the final real-life setting live up to the expectations and brand experience carried out from the very beginning. 

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Buildup and logistics
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